Join Fellow Supporters in a Bring It Home Campaign Call Drive on February 17th!

As we all know the current times have made us do things differently. ACL’s Lobby Day is no exception, as we will have to take a new virtual approach to the event.

As part of that approach, the Bring it Home Campaign is holding a call drive on Wednesday, February 17th to have supporters convey the Campaign’s message of BETTER FUNDING FOR BETTER CARE for Community-Based Mental Health Housing Programs to their local State Legislators.

Calling into your local Legislator’s office will be quick and easy. First, go to for the Assembly and for the Senate. When prompted to, enter your address. This will then show you whose district you reside in along with their office contact information. Since it is not a session day the Legislators will be in their districts, so we ask that you please call the district office.

When you call, stick to the script! It is important that we speak with a consistent voice.

For guidance, please see the talking points below;

“My name is (Your Name) and I am a constituent.

Even before the pandemic, mental health housing was underfunded. There is a $180 million shortfall because funding has not kept pace with inflation.

In this difficult budget year, we are pleased that the proposed budget for this fiscal year includes $20 million that was passed in last year’s budget, but that was not allocated due to the pandemic. We urge that these funds remain and be allocated as soon as possible.”

We ask that you please share this information with your coworkers, friends, and family members!

The more calls a Legislator receives, the more impact we will have!

Bring it Home!


AND make a difference in the lives of people living with psychiatric disabilities

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