OMH – PCS Restricted Portal – Announcement

The Patient Characteristics Survey (PCS) restricted portal is now available via log in from the public portal (  The restricted portal allows you to see the same Summary Reports that are offered on the public portal, but with data confined to those programs operated by your agency. The default view in both the public and restricted portal is for location of your programs (provider county), but you will also be able to view reports by recipient county. Information is displayed at the agency level, so if you operate two or more programs in the same county, the reports will show you the data for all your programs located in the county.

Your Security Manager may grant staff access to the restricted portal by selecting the Report Viewer role in the Security Management System. Security roles are updated nightly, so access that you grant today will be effective tomorrow. While there are no names or other identifiers in the data, the data are protected health information because the counts are small and recipient counties are displayed. Access should only be granted to an individual when the information is necessary to carry out his or her job duties. Centrally, we granted Report Viewer access to all staff that you had placed in the Supervisor role during PCS data collection. In previous surveys, Supervisors were able to download 7 reports from the PCS application. The 28 reports in the restricted portal replace the reports that were in the application.

If you have questions, please contact or OMH Help Center (518-474-5554 or 800-435-7697).


E. Kevin Conley


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