OMH Managed Care Update – June 2018

OMH Managed Care Update – June 2018

NYS Medicaid Managed Care
Health and Recovery Plans (HARPs)
Now Available on the NYS Marketplace

Individuals eligible to enroll in Health and Recovery Plans (HARPs) now have the option to select a HARP on New York State’s Official Health Plan Marketplace, New York State of Health (NYSoH), also known as The Exchange.

Enrolling in a HARP on the NYSoH Online Marketplace:

  • Individuals who are eligible for HARP can log on to their NYSoH account and the HARP option will be displayed for plan selection.
  • Individuals who are eligible for HARP who are not NYSoH account holders will need to update their consent through a Life Status Change (LSC) before the HARP option will display.
  • Individuals who are eligible for HARP and who are the NYSoH account holder will receive a written notice about enrolling in a HARP.  Individuals must respond to this notice if they do not wish to enroll in a HARP.

Important Reminder:

All Medicaid recipients must ensure the Medicaid program has your current mailing address!


Medicaid Managed Care Billing Resources for Behavioral Health Providers

As a reminder to behavioral health providers submitting claims to Medicaid Managed Care Plans, please see the below resources available to you regarding information on billing:

Billing Guidance and Resources on the OMH Managed Care website

Children’s System Transformation Update

NYS Behavioral Health Managed Care Contact Information

Office of Mental Health                                                                    

Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services                                                

Department of Health                                                                 

Other Contact Information:

Questions regarding HARP eligibility and enrollment:               New York Medicaid Choice 1-855-789-4277

                                                                           New York State of Health    1-855-355-5777

Adult BH HCBS Designation questions or to update status:

Children’s System Transition Questions                                                 

Children’s HBCS/SPA Designation questions:                  


AND make a difference in the lives of people living with psychiatric disabilities

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