Health Home Alert: Update Regarding MAPP HHTS

Update Regarding MAPP HHTS!

As many of you are aware several changes and system defects regarding member assignments made to Managed Care Plans (MCP) and Health Homes (HH) are currently being worked on within the system. System developers are still working to identify all issues and develop appropriate solutions.  Below is an update on the major issues:

  1. System developers have yet to update the risk score for members back to 15% from 50%. At this time, the focus is on fixing other assignment issues so that when this change does occur, assignments will be reflected correctly in the system.
  2. On 5/28/17 many assignments that had been ended previously came back onto MCP assignment files. Without the MCP making any modifications, many of these assignments were assigned to the DOH recommended HH. These actions took place between 12 am and 3 am on 5/28/17. At this time, the system developers are still identifying the root cause and a solution to this issue.
  3. Other small subsets of assignment issues are also currently being analyzed.
  4. Some children referred into the system have not been restored. Although many Child Referrals were restored to their previous assignment status, there is still a small subset of Child Referrals that remain outside the system. Some Referrals were not restored as a subsequent referral was made for the member after the system defect that erased the initial referral occurred.

At this time we are urging providers to not act on assignments that have an assignment record type. Any assignments that have a referral record type are accurate and can be assigned downstream/put into segments. This can be determined by looking at the record type column on the assignments tab on the member’s page (for users who prefer to use the screen) or by using the Manage Assignments Download File and filtering field #4 (Record Type) to Referral.

Should you be working with a member, an outreach or enrollment segment can be recorded in the system, regardless of their assignment status, as you normally have in the past. Once the member is in an active segment assignment updates will not affect their status in the MAPP HHTS.

We will continue to message updates to the HH community as soon as they become available. Should you have any immediate questions please submit a ticket to MAPP CCC – Thank you for your continued patience as we work to resolve these issues.



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