Other Reports and Articles

» Why Does a Health Care Company Care about Housing? Understanding the Intersection of Housing and Health Care. May 2015 (pdf)

» The Measure of Society: Protection of Vulnerable Persons in Residential Facilities against Abuse and Neglect. Report by Clarence J. Sundram, Govenor’s Special Advisor on Vulnerable Persons
December 2011 (pdf)

» Reinventing Medicaid: State Innovations to Qualify and Pay For Patient-Centered Medical Homes Show Promising Results July 2011 (pdf)

» Senate Standing Committee on Investigations and Government Operations – Report on Executive Compensation at Not-For-Profits February 2012 (pdf)

» Revitalizing Nonprofits, Renewing New York. Leadership Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization Report to the Attorney General February 2012 (pdf)

» Center for Housing Policy. Housing an Aging Population…Are We Prepared? January 2012

» United Hospital Fund Report – Press Release May 2012

» United Hospital Fund Report – Financing Long-Term Care: New York’s Limited Options and Medicaid’s Vast Challenge June 2012 (pdf)

» Kaiser Family Foundation – Summary of DSRIP Waivers in Four States April 2015

» Adult Home Settlement – First Annual Report March 2015 (pdf)

» Adult Home Settlement – Second Annual Report April 2016 (pdf)

» Housing as a Health Care Investment March 2016 (pdf)

» The Role of Hospitals in Improving Non-Medical Determinants of Community Population Health
April  2016 (pdf)

» America’s Forgotten Housing Crisis. Report by National Low Income Housing Coalition March 2012 (pdf)

» Self-Directed Care Reclaiming Lives in the Community February 2014 (pdf)

» Self-Direction in NYS September  2015 (pdf)