Official DOH Announcement: Immediate Changes to the BH HCBS Workflow

Although we sent this information to you earlier in the week, below is the formal announcement from DOH regarding HCBS assessments and billing. – Toni

Effective March 7, 2017, the Community Mental Health Assessment will no longer be required for HARP Medicaid Managed Care Plan Members.   As you are aware the current workflow requires the NYS Eligibility Assessment followed by the Community Mental Health Assessment completed within 90 days.  As a result of this change the NYS Eligibility Assessment is all that is required effective immediately.  Revised guidance is imminent but please do not wait for the formal guidance to message this change to your CMAs.

Additionally the Department is working on guidance to address the payment backlog for assessments completed by CMAs.  This guidance is also imminent and for an interim period effective April 1, 2017 CMAs will be allowed to direct bill eMedNY for assessments completed retroactively in NYC from 10/1/15 and 7/1/16 for ROS.  This interim billing process will continue and will be revised with Health Home Payment in October 2017.