ICL’s David Woodlock is a Speaker on National Council for BH Webinar: The Emotional Dimensions Of Health Care

The National Council for Behavioral Health is hosting a webinar titled “Emotional Dimensions of Health Care: A Prescription For Better Health” on February 28th at 1pm EST.  ACL member organization Institute for Community Living’s CEO David Woodlock will be presenting on the webinar so we encourage you to register and attend!  See registration link and more information below.

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In a time when life expectancy is going up in many countries, a strange phenomenon is happening in America. Despite better access to health care and new technologies, our life expectancy has gone down as people are sicker more often and dying sooner. As a nation, we spend more and get less than most developed countries. Why?

David Woodlock, CEO of the Institute for Community Living, Inc., proposes that we have long neglected the emotional dimensions of health. Adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress across the lifespan have been profoundly underestimated as drivers of chronic disease progression.

Join us on February 28, 2018 at 1 PM ET for the webinarEmotional Dimensions of Health Care: A Prescription For Better Health.Hear from Mr. Woodlock as he describes these hidden drivers of poor health outcomes, and offers a new pathway for behavioral health providers in an emerging “Value Based” world.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn just how pervasive toxic stress is and review the concept of a “continuum of emotional distress.”
  2. Learn the biology of toxic stress and what it does to your body.
  3. Identify how the urge to feel better drives behavior that may seem health promoting, but is in fact illness promoting.
  4. Identify modalities to reverse illness-promoting behavior, and
  5. Identify new opportunities for behavioral health providers to create value propositions in health care reform.