Health Homes: CMHA Business Continuity Plan

This comes to us from DOH

Subject:  CMHA Business Continuity Plan

Good Afternoon,

As many of you are aware the NYS Eligibility and Community Mental Health Assessment application is currently offline.  As a result it is imperative that all trained assessors continue to complete assessments despite the outage.    The Health Home Team has received multiple questions over the past few days.  As a result it is important to remind everyone of the process by which to complete paper assessments and hand scoring. 

All trained Health Homes, Care Managers and Managed Care users of the application should access the accurate and most up to date information by going into the Health Commerce System, then selecting the UAS Training environment.   This is exactly how each of you completed training.  Once in the UAS Training environment users can access PDF versions of the NYS Eligibility Assessment; Hand Scoring Tool for the NYS Eligibility Assessment and the Community Mental Health Assessment.  The information is located within the training Course:     8100-CMH Instruments and Reference Manuals  In addition a one hour webinar on how to hand score a NYS Eligibility Assessment is available (1500-Understanding the HARP/HCBS Eligibility Assessment-Webinar).    Please be mindful  only trained assessors should complete these assessments.

During this interim period of hand scoring it is important that Health Home Care Managers securely share the scoring tool with Managed Care Plans as documentation of eligibility and Tier level for the purposes of a Level of Service Determination when applicable. 

Thank you for your continued patience and we look forward to the application back online as soon as possible.

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