DSRIP Year 2 Progress

The message below comes to us from the NYS Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors.

DSRIP Demonstration:  Year 2 Progress

DSRIP Year 2 (DY2) closed on March 31, 2017 with positive statewide performance results. Through DY2, PPS have earned a total of $2.4 billion, which is 95% of all available funds. Notable progress towards the DSRIP program goal of achieving a 25% reduction in avoidable hospital use by DSRIP Year 5 was demonstrated through a 14.9% reduction in Potentially Preventable Readmissions and an 11.8% reduction in Potentially Preventable ER Visits. If the current reduction rates are maintained, New York will achieve the goal of a 25% reduction by DSRIP Year 5. Additionally, PPS have successfully met all requirements for 31 projects in total and have successfully implemented 95% of all DY2 project requirements.

While there is work to be done, the results from DSRIP Year 2 are a reason to be optimistic that the DSRIP goal will be achieved.  Click here for a presentation by NYS Medicaid Director, Jason Helgerson, from a recent all PPS meeting held in New York City. 


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