Do you have a Unique Program? Relationship?

ACL is currently planning our annual ACLAIMH conference at the Sagamore in Bolton Landing, NY (October 31st to November 3rd) and would like to finalize the program soon.  We still have slots available for workshops.

Do you have a unique program (MRT, PPS, OMH reform) or relationship with local government, other providers, or any other organizations (PPSs, MCOs, hospitals) that you think would be helpful for others across the state to know about?

If you do, please consider sending it to us for consideration at the conference.  You can find the online workshop proposal portal here:

The deadline for submission is July 7th

Below are some workshop topic ideas! (Please do not let these suggestions limit your creativity)

Housing Models / Development
Permanent/Enriched Supported Housing
Developing New Service Models
Innovative Program Designs
Respite & Housing Crisis Beds
Innovative & Successful Funding
Federal Funding Opportunities
Contracting, Marketing & Evaluation Strategies
Reform of Current Housing Models

DSRIP – Delivery System Reform Incentive Program
Transforming Local Systems of Care
Local Government Issues (e.g., SPOA)
Managed Care/Behavioral Health Organization Issues
Health Home/Care Coordination Collaborations & Issues
Health Home & Housing
Risk Management
Implementing Performance Improvement Projects
Quality Improvement/Utilization Management Issues
MIS/Computerization Considerations
Complying with Federal & State Statutes
Board of Directors Issues
Human Resources Issues
Staff Development & Supporting Staff
Accreditation & Credentialing
Medicaid Audit Compliance
Implementing Outcomes Management Systems in Mental Health Settings
Employing Consumers & Making Reasonable Accommodations
Disaster Preparedness

Partnering with Consumers, Local or State Government, Families & Other Mental Health Services, Managed Care, Health Homes
Strategic Alliances/Exploring Potential Partnerships/Affiliations

Innovative Approaches to Consumer Employment & Training
Role of Supported Education in Recovery
Advances in Peer-Operated Services
Role of Supportive Employment in Rehabilitation

Wellness Management (e.g., Nutrition, Exercise, Medication Management, etc.)
Clinical Best Practices
Identifying Symptoms: Medical, Physical or Substance Related?
Geriatric Care
Forensic Issues
Co-Occurring Disorders
Hospital Diversion Programs
Homelessness & Mental Health Recipients
Providing Culturally Competent Services
Research Initiatives
Integrating Mental Health, Health & Substance Abuse Services
Transforming Local Systems of Care
Care Coordination
At Risk Youth

We hope to hear from you soon!