Advocacy Email to Lawmakers on Transformation Fund Bill

ACL is part of a broad campaign of community health and behavioral health associations pushing for inclusion in the Health Care Transformation Fund. The Home Care Association (HCA) has created an on-line tool related to the legislation (S-6376/A-7977-A) that would require a minimum of 25% of the existing Health Care transformation Fund being allocated for community-based  provider stability and innovations. This would include OMH residential programs.    Please take a minute and click on  This link will ask you to put in your contact information and will generate emails to your senator and assembly member.  The email will read as follows:


Please pass S.6376/A.7977-A, which assures a minimum 25% dedication of existing Health Care Transformation Fund (HCTF) allocations for community-care provider stability and innovation. 

Community-based providers are at the front-line of health care’s ‘triple aim.’ We deliver cost-effective services, serve as hubs of population health management, and maintain quality of life at all stages of life and for all forms of illness. 

To date, however, community providers have only been eligible for extremely limited, restrictive or peripheral state infrastructure investment opportunities. 

Earlier this year, $675 million in HCTF investments were allocated to most hospitals and nursing homes. Critical investments are needed for community care, as well, to overcome a workforce crisis and best serve vulnerable populations with life-limiting chronic diseases, mental illness, behavioral health, terminal illnesses, and elder service needs. 

Please work with your colleagues in both houses to achieve proportionate investments for front-line providers serving the health, mental health and clinical needs of individuals in your community by passing this bill this session. Thank you.


AND make a difference in the lives of people living with psychiatric disabilities

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